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The atmosphere is warm, the snow is gone and your chimney is used you. It is being used, however, by others for another function.

If the chimney flue isn’t secured, then a pest is very likely to creep down and make your house its dwelling.

• Chimney Swift – Chimney swifts are gray birds which breed May through July. Their preferred habitat is open constructions, like open chimneys. What this signifies is that if chimney swifts have taken residence in your chimney, they could simply be removed with the right licenses, which are often tough to secure.

The simplest way to divest yourself of those birds is to let them leave by themselves.

• Squirrels – These rodents are amazing climbers and can crawl to anything, particularly open chimneys. Squirrels often will need help leaving the chimney, since they can easily scale down, but have a rough go of scaling out.

• Rats – If you are hearing scraping sounds from within your chimney, then you may have a rat problem. Like squirrels, rats will create your chimney their house, building a nest and raising their rat households on your masonry’s secure boundaries.

• Raccoons – For squirrels and raccoons, a chimney isn’t any different than a massive hollow tree. Raccoons love chimneys since they’re dry and safe, an ideal living environment. Once they have established a nest, they will probably start to get a litter.

• Bats – Hearing twittering and rustling from in the masonry, particularly at night? Then you may have a bat issue. Bats like to take shelter in chimneys, particularly the ones that have pulled away from the home. A simple way to tell if these creatures of the night have entered your chimney is to see whether there’s subtle dark discoloration round openings. These marks are due to oils from the bats’ fur.

How can you stop pests from entering your chimney? The easiest approach is a custom-made chimney cap. A stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum tops won’t only prevent rodents and other pests from entering your chimney, but it also will decrease the number of leaves and other debris that may enter the chimney’s top.

You can even prevent these creatures from entering your house by keeping the chimney damper closed. Sometimes you do have to call Orlando FL Raccoon Removal to remove theses animals for you.

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