Keep possums away

Possum, Opossum, Marsupial, Animal

Usually, possums aren’t competitive, but they can get aggressive when they catch a disease. There are many methods of getting rid of possums. Given below are some measures you can take so as to maintain possums out.

Cover up the base vents. Normally, possums get to a home through the dryer vents. Thus, blocking these can keep them from slipping into your dwelling.

· it is possible to block the openings with port covers made from metal. These covers have sufficient space for steam and smoke to escape; however, possums can’t pass through them.

Trim tree branches off. In fact, possums can enter your home through the roof by making holes. So, you should think about trimming tall plants and shrub branches.

· The space between the branches along with your roof should be at least 8 to 10 feet.

· Placing climbing plants near the home is not a fantastic idea.

Protect decks which are low. Possums like to hide under lower decks; consequently, you should protect these using a sort of metal barrier.

· Round the deck perimeter, you need to create a trench with a thickness of 12 inches.

· You should then place the screening in that trench. Now, the barrier must extend into the base of the deck in the bottom of hole.

· Now, fill the trench with dirt to be able to keep the display from jolts.

· Next, connect the display top with the deck.

Create a transient one-way exit to allow the trapped possums escape. You should keep the door open for a few days before blocking it.

There can be several different cracks or holes in your home whereby possums can enter your property. You should block these holes and spaces also.

If the above tricks don’t work for you, or you’re not familiar with possums, then you need to turn to a professional pest control in your region. Just bear in mind not taking action against possums can only lead to plenty of loss. Thus, you should either try to eliminate them yourself of have Raccoon Control Service in Melbourne FL do it for you.

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